Long eyelashes are acknowledged to be one of the attributes of beauty. Since olden times women wanted their eyelashes to be thick and long. Over the years they found a variety of methods how to make their eyes more charming: from artificial mascara to natural eyelash growth serums.

How to make eyelashes long?

Those who have fabulous eyelashes since birth are really lucky. But most women are completely unsatisfied with their eaves. Bad ecology, age, junk food have negative effect on eyelash condition. We can change our diet, we can move to greenfield area, but we can do nothing with our years. That is why people invented several ways how to lengthen their eyelashes. Let’s look at the most common ones.


eyelashes growth serum


It is the most popular way to elongate eaves. Usually mascara is black or brown, though it can be of blue and other colors. Mascaras of famous brands are rather effective. It is a compulsory element of daily makeup. However, it has disadvantages:

  • If you are caught in the rain, you will get black streaks on your face (in case the mascara isn’t waterproof)
  • Mascara of low quality can devolve.

False lashes

They can be of two types:
• A strip of lashes glued on eyelid
• Eyelashes put inside the skin
However, they are both artificial. The glued one gives short-term effect. Inserted eyelashes keep for a longer time. Fake lashes can seem to be a perfect way of getting charming eyes, but there is one essential disadvantage.
– While taking them off, you can pull out your own eyelashes.
It means that your eaves can get worse after using fake lashes.

Lash curlers

It is a special instrument that lifts each eyelash from the root and curls it. It does not make eaves longer indeed, but it make them look longer. You’d rather use curler in addition to mascara for better result. By analogy with hair curler, lash one can be heat.
– It gives no real extension.
– If you press a curler too much, you can do harm to your eyelashes, they can even brittle.

Natural Remedies

If you prefer natural ingredients, you can draw attention to home remedies. The usual method for natural lash extension is to apply ricinic oil or/and vitamin E. Both these ingredients can be bought in every drugstore. Such natural remedies will provide nutriment for your lashes and let them look fantastic. Fertility vitamin, ricinic oil also prevent from lash falling out. But there is one problem:
– You will not enjoy instant gratification.
So, if you prefer to extend eaves immediately, try other way.

Brand Idol Lash Envyderm Fysiko
Women’s rating 4.9/5 4/5 4.5/5
Prices 40$ 69$ 139$
Our Rating 4.8/5 4.2/5 4.7/5
Safety Rating 5/5 5/5 5/5
Bonus Free pack offer No No
Shipping Free Free 5$
Payment Visa-MasterCard-Paypal Paypal Paypal
Medical approved yes yes yes
First results 28 days 42 days 28 days
Existence of side effects No No No
Product Benefits Works on Eyebrows and increase eyelash density up to 82% in only 2-4 weeks Increases length by as much as 72% in 6 weeks Famous among Celebrities
Ingredients Natural Cocktail with Kelp Extract and Honey Complex of 7 herbs and plants Complex of herbs and Chemical ingredients
Our Review

Eyelash Growth Serum

Do you want to impress everyone with your own long and healthy eyelashes without any mascara or curler? Pay attention to eyelash growth serums. They are beauty products which can be made from natural ingredients as well as from chemicals. If you doubt which to buy, do not hesitate and choose the product with 100% natural formulation. Such serums are less allergic and safer for your health. Usually they have no unpleasant side effects.
What is the undeniable advantage of an eyelash growth serum among other ways of enhancing?
First, it gives you a fine chance to have beautiful long lashes of your own. And they stay the same in every situation. Mascara can flow, fake lashes can unglue. With serum, you can always be sure that your eaves are perfect.
Second, natural eyelash growth serums do no harm for your eaves .Usage of curlers and false lashes can cause physical damage like yanking out or falling out.
Third, you can always combine best eyelash growth serums with any other way of enhancing to get double or triple effect and enjoy incredibly long lashes.
In the store you can find too many lash enhancers, which promise to make you look like goddess. If you are an inexperienced consumer, it is very difficult to choose one of them. We prepared TOP 3 list of lash enhancers, which will help you with decision on the best eyelash growth serum. The products were chosen judging from the buyers’ reviews and formula of the serums.

eyelash growth serum before and after

3 Bestsellers among Eyelash Growth Serums

It’s time to observe the best eyelash growth products represented at the market. Here are 3 branded serums which have many positive reviews from consumers. They are different in cost, but each of them is the best in its price bracket.

Fysiko Eyelash Serum

Fysiko is one of the best eyelash growth serums and the most expensive one. It consists of natural ingredients with organic compounds. Fysiko is very comfortable in usage, you can apply it even if you are wearing lenses. The manufacturer guarantees quick result, that is why the serum became a real bestseller in contrast to similar cosmetic products. It makes your lashes long, strong and healthy. The first result is seen after 3-4 month of usage. Clinical trials proved that after 15 weeks of usage eyelashes gets 79% extra length. Fysiko can be used for eyebrows as well.

Envyderm Eyelash Enhancement Serum

The main ingredient of the serum is Moroccan Argan Oil, which provides your lashes with sensitive care: lengthen, strengthen and nourish. After 2 weeks you will meet the first result: 25% more to your eaves length. And after 6 weeks of usage eyelashes gain 72% extra length. Except extension, this eaves enhancer repairs damaged lashes, adds volume and resists aging. The serum contains no chemicals. It is absolutely safe, as it was tested by specialists in ophthalmology and dermatology.

Idol Lash Enhancer

The product is one of the best eyelash growth serums in its price bracket. The product does not cost too much, so it is a budget choice. Nevertheless, its formulation is full of natural ingredients: extract of kelp, nettle, honey, chamomile. It contains keratin, proteins, polypeptides and a whole bunch of vitamins. The serum takes care of eyelashes throughout their length, skin of eyelids and follicles. It is a clinically tested product, it is safe and suits all skin types. Use Idol Lash Enhancer at least 2-4 weeks, and you will watch long-expected changes.

Natural eyelash growth serums are not just a hot item. It is a trust-worthy and time-proven method of lash enhancing.